Prabo s.r.l. was born in 1981 in Assago with the objective of commercializing additives, flavourings and raw materials for the food industry.

In 1992, it has reached an optimal level of revenue that allowed the construction of a new plant in Spino D’Adda, after an area of 5400 square meters was purchased in the new industrial zone Cascina Rosa, due to its vicinity to Milan, just 16 km away, and the excellent infrastructures available.

The plant extends for 1.280 square meters, 320 of which are dedicated to offices, laboratories and services, 640 square meters dedicated to Warehouse and 320 to Production.

The carriageable area extends for 1.100 square meters and the green area for 2.300 square meters.

In the application laboratory, provided with pilot plants, works a team of technicians specialized in the development of products according to the needs of the customers and the correct usage of the correlated technologies.

The analytic laboratory exerts a thorough control over the quality of raw materials and finished products. It works closely with the Production departments to guarantee the highest quality standard and the full respect of the hygienic-sanitary standards.

The production departments have computerized mixing plants with a productive capacity of 10 tons per hour, they are capable of meeting, in a short time, any request, even the most challenging.

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